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Welcome to the tourism information site for Nakanojo, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture.
The town of Nakanojo is located in northwest Gunma Prefecture. The waters of the Nakanojo hot springs are gentle on the skin, and the town boasts an area rich and majestic in natural beauty. Travel around and enjoy sightseeing spots and events season-to-season using two roadside rest areas, while visiting valuable cultural properties all around town. Prepare yourself to imbibe the original landscape of Old Japan.
nakanojo nakuta area
Torioi Matsuri
The Nakanojo area is the gateway to Shima, Sawatari and other hot springs. Surrounding the Tsumuji Nakanojo Creative Communication Center, you can visit historically valuable architectural sites, such as the Musee: Nakanojo Museum of Folk and History, the Japanese-style inn, Shirakiya, which was built in the Meiji era, and the Machida Houses that have survived from the end of the Edo era.
Relishing an assortment of specialty cuisine from the shops in town, from handmade buckwheat soba noodles to various Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes, is an enjoyable experience not to be missed during your trip. We also recommend that you visit the Torioi-Matsuri festival held on January 15th each year.
shima area
Shima Onsen
The Shima Onsenkyo spa is praised as one of the best hot springs in Gunma, along with the Kusatsu and Ikaho hot springs. It is also famous for legendary hot spring water said to be effective against "40,000 illnesses." Yakushi-do Hall, which has been designated as an important cultural property by the nation, can also be found here.
The buildings of Japanese-style inns have been newly renovated, while maintaining their ambience of a traditional hot-spring health resort. Okushima Lake is now open to the public as a new sightseeing spot. Events are actively held, such as the Yudateshinji, an ancient Shinto ritual that has a connection with hot springs to pray for safety. Shima-area enthusiasts are growing in number thanks to this exciting variety of attractions.
sawatari area
Sawatari Onsen
The Sawatari Onsenkyo spa can be found in the Sawatari area. This hot-spring water, characterized by soft treatment of the skin, is known as "the spring water that completes the famous Kusatsu hot spring."
The area is home to a number of idyllic landscapes, such as the Kuresaka Mountain Pass, through which the famous Japanese poet Bokusui Wakayama traveled, and the Bantsuri Bridge, where the Dutch scholar Choei Takano spent many evenings fishing in the Edo era.
National Route 353 in Autumn is crowded with the tourists on their way to apple or grape picking at the orchards and with shoppers headed to the farm stands.
isama area
Isama Studio Park
Tomizawa House
A highly recommended destination in the Isama area is the Sacred Takeyama Mountain roadside rest area, which is used as a base of travel located at the foot of Nakanojofs symbolic Takeyama mountain. Isama Studio Park can be found near the roadside rest area. A large number of movie fans visit the studio park, which is used for filming movies and organizing movie festivals.
A silkworm culturing farm house built at the end of the Edo era, the "Tomizawa House," survives. An old Japanese event in which participants guess what kind of tea they are drinking, the Shirokubo Ochako tea event, continues to this day. Isama became a member of a federation called "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" to actively preserve the original landscape of Japanese rural villages.
kuni area
Nozoriko Lake
Akaiwa District
The Kuni Area overflows with the blessings of nature. Nozoriko Lake is a scene of abundant natural beauty. Visit Chatsubomigoke Moss Park, a garden where rare mosses thrive. Discover Yoshigadaira, a wetland plateau where a large variety of alpine plant grow. Experience Yodatehachitaki Waterfalls, which is a collection of eight beautiful waterfalls. Relax at Kuni Onsenkyo spa, comprising six hot-springs.
Fully immerse yourself in the countryside of the Kuni area by using the Kuni roadside rest area as a base to explore other attractions. The Akaiwa District is an important preservation district of historic buildings. Karaku no Sato is a facility that brings you into direct contact with nature where you can experience the joy of flowers. Also experience handicraft work as it was done long ago at Yotteganeekan.
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